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ISI Japanese Language School – Kyoto

ISI Japanese Language School – Kyoto



6-6 Nishinokyo-Ryomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8497
Closest Station
Enmachi Station
Miho Io
2003 (Relocated 2017)


Student Capacity
Student Nationalities
East Asia (70%), Southeast Asia (10%), North America (5%), South America (2%), Europe (8%), Oceania (2%), Africa (1%), Other (2%)



Study Japanese language and Culture in Historic Kyoto!

Our Japanese school is located in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japanese, allowing students to enjoy the Japanese harmony both inside and outside the school. Here you can also study for the first time about the Japanese culture in our General Japanese Course. We have installed the latest equipment and actively incorporated ICT into our education system. We also offer the regular Academic Japanese Course for those who want to keep studying afterward in University or vocational schools. The school environment is very homey, allowing the students to learn in a quiet environment and feel close to the teachers while being in the center of Kyoto.

Why don’t you join us and study Japanese language and culture at the same time at the most symbolic Japanese city? The school is located in a very quiet residential area in the heart of Kyoto. The teachers work very hard to support our students and are open to your inquiries so you can learn not just Japanese from them. Come and study in our unique school!

Miho Io
Vice Principal

Why this school?

  1. POINT1

    【High Level of Guidance】
    High-quality educational, progress-based, and career support with our experienced and professional staff. Students receive specialized guidance and graduate from our programs perform well on university entrance exams.

  2. POINT2

    【Mulit-Level and Multi-National】
    The Takadanobaba campus is the largest among ISI group schools and hosts over 1,300 students from over 50 countries at 40 different Japanese language levels. Study Japanese in a lively environment while learning about other cultures.

  3. POINT3

    【Different Courses】
    With an abundant curriculum designed to help students advance into university, graduate school, or employment, students may choose classes based on their individual needs.

Students / Teachers Voice

ISI Japanese Language School – Kyoto

Victoria (Russia)

ISI Japanese Language School is the best school for those who want to focus on studying the Japanese language because the school's program is quite intensive and even hard. But the key point is your own hard work so you don`t have to be scared of difficulties that you may face during your study.

ISI Japanese Language School – Kyoto

Jonathan (Costa Rica)

ISI Kyoto is a wonderful school where you can meet a lot of interesting people while you study and improve your skills in Japanese. I would recommend checking the differences between the Academic and Practical course before applying.

ISI Japanese Language School – Kyoto

Simon (Sweden)

I saw that ISI had many options to choose between, different locations, different cities. You could choose the right class for your Japanese level. ISI also supports the students to have a part-time job and they help you find one. My dream is to work in Japan as an English teacher. I would choose ISI again if I could because they help you so much, a place to live, part-time job, etc.

Course Description
In the beginner’s level, students will learn basic Japanese including reading, writing, speaking and listening in a well-balanced manner. In intermediate and advanced levels, students will take Core Classes for 16 hours and elective classes for EJU or JLPT for 4 hours per week. Students will have field works, speech practices and research presentations based on their Japanese level. In EJU elective classes, students will study reading comprehension, listening and reading comprehension and essay preparations. Students will learn from past exams and how to find the answers and score high in the EJU.
● Admission Periods:January, April, July, October
● Course Length:6 months - 2 years

Course Price

Total 450,000 JPY 636,500 JPY 823,000 JPY
  6 months 9 months 1 Year
Admission 55,000 JPY
Tuition 340,000 JPY 510,000 JPY 680,000 JPY
Materials 16,500 JPY 24,750 JPY 33,000 JPY
Other 38,500 JPY 46,750 JPY 55,000 JPY


Accommodation Price

Room Type Admission Facilities Cleaning Accommodation (per month) Total for 1 term (3 months)
Single A 40,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 10,000 JPY 72,000 JPY 296,000 JPY
C 60,000 JPY 260,000 JPY
Twin A 50,000 JPY 230,000 JPY
B 46,000 JPY 218,000 JPY
C 40,000 JPY 200,000 JPY
Course Description
For those who want to improve their general Japanese knowledge. Wide choice of elective lessons from beginner’s level.

● You can choose classes for your own purposes: if you want to practice conversation, pass the JLPT or learn and experience Japanese culture.

● Maximum number of students per class: 15 people. Thanks to the small class size, students can feel very close to their teachers while interacting smoothly in a relaxed atmosphere.

● Japanese level would be from total beginners up to JLPT N3 level. The estimated learning time from total beginner to N3 is 9 months.
● Admission Periods:Anytime
● Course Length:2 weeks - 3 months

Course Price

Total 58,900 JPY 130,200 JPY 201,500 JPY 245,500 JPY 316,700 JPY 388,000 JPY
  2 weeks 6 weeks 10 weeks
(1 term)
12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks
(2 terms)
Admission 15,000 JPY
Tuition 34,000 JPY 102,000 JPY 170,000 JPY 204,000 JPY 272,000 JPY 340,000 JPY
Materials 8,250 JPY 16,500 JPY
Other 1,650 JPY 4,950 JPY 8,250 JPY 9,900 JPY 13,200 JPY 16,500 JPY


Accommodation Price

  Room Type Admission Rate per day/night Total for 2 weeks Total for 4 weeks (1 month)
Student House Single A 30,000 JPY 3,400 JPY/day 77,600 JPY 125,200 JPY
C 3,200 JPY/day 74,800 JPY 119,600 JPY
Twin A 20,000 JPY 2,800 JPY/day 59,200 JPY 98,400 JPY
B 2,600 JPY/day 56,400 JPY 92,800 JPY
C 2,400 JPY/day 53,600 JPY 87,200 JPY
Guest House Single 30,000 JPY 3,600 JPY/day 80,400 JPY 130,800 JPY
Homestay Single 22,000 JPY 5,300 JPY/night 90,900 JPY 165,100 JPY
Course Description
Participate in some activities with local Japanese students! Try chatting to them in Japanese! On the last week of the group tour, you’ll have the chance to visit a place you’re interested in with like-minded students! You’ll form a group, create a schedule and go there! Create unforgettable memories with your friends, and try out the Japanese you learned in class. You’ll make a presentation about it as well. Study alongside students from all over the world. Make friends across the globe with ISI!
● Course Periods:July 8 - July 31, August 5 - August 30
● Course Length:2 - 4 weeks
● Premium, Standard, and Basic, Summer Course options available
● From Kyoto to Tokyo! Tokyo Mystery Tour (July 26 - 28, 2019)
● From Kyoto to Tokyo! Tokyo Mystery Tour (August 12 - 14, 2019)
● From Kyoto to Tokyo! Tokyo Mystery Tour (August 12 - 14, 2019)
● Manga/Anime Character Workshop (8 days between August 13 - 30)

Course Price

Tokyo Mystery Tour1
Manga/Anime Character Workshop2
July (4 weeks)
245,000 JPY
188,000 JPY
125,000 JPY
108,000 JPY

50,000 JPY
August (4 Weeks)
210,000 JPY
175,000 JPY
105,000 JPY
129,600 JPY

1: Session dates vary by course period- July 26 – 28, 2019 or August 12 – 14, 2019
2:  Materials included. Course dates are August 13 – 16, 18, 19, 22, 27, and 30, 2019 (8 days).

Course + Accommodation Package Price

  Twin Single Homestay
4 Weeks in July (25 nights) 82,400 JPY 113,200 JPY 154,500 JPY
4 Weeks in July (26 nights) 84,800 JPY 116,400 JPY 159,800 JPY
4 Weeks in August (27 nights) 87,200 JPY 119,600 JPY 165,100 JPY
4 Weeks in August (28 nights) 89,600 JPY 122,800 JPY 170,400 JPY

*: Note that the above are starting prices and actual costs may vary depending on availability and assignment.


  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

    Free internet access for all students studying at the school.

  • Lounge Lounge

    Student lounge for studying, relaxing, or passing the time.

  • Cafe Cafe

    Well lit area to relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Library Library

    A variety of reading materials available for study or leisure.

  • Activities Activities

    Experience Japanese culture with cultural experiences and activities.

  • Internships Internships

    Gain real-world work experience in a Japanese work environment.

  • School Transfer Support School Transfer Support

    Transfer into a degree program at a Japanese school.

  • Career Support Career Support

    Find the perfect job after graduation.


ISI language schools offer curriculum and courses suitable for a variety of purposes and students of many different levels. ISI offers services to students who are looking to improve conversation skills, participate in cultural experiences, prepare for employment or study in Japan. Activities and class events at each school also take advantage of their location in Japan by providing students opportunities to become immersed in the local culture.


Kyoto Prefecture occupies an important and long-standing place in Japanese history. Previously the imperial capital for over a thousand years, Kyoto is speckled with ancient temples and shrines, traditional crafts, enchanted forests, and scenic views. In the north, Kyoto is ringed by mountains and the sea, as well as the famous sandbar, Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots. Apart from Kyoto City and the Otokuni Bamboo Grove, the southern part of Kyoto is also home to a number of castle sites, historical landmarks, and rich tea culture.


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