A community platform
to make living in Japan
fun, enriching, and rewarding.


To create a diverse society where everyone can live comfortably in Japan.
We will lay and build a foundation for living,
one where individuality is respected regardless of nationality, age, or profession.


To be the world's largest community platform
of international residents living in Japan
To encourage international residents with deep appreciation for the Japanese culture and lifestyle
to come to Japan, we aim to provide the necessary support to help one overcome challenges
such language, career, and housing when in Japan.

We hope to create a country that is supportive of the values of all,
by offering a platform in which like-minded people can come together to form communities
that nurture individuality among their members.

Japan is a country where people can develop their individuality
in a community of people with the same values and support each other's values
in a platform of different communities. As a community platform,
we will connect the world to Japan and illustrate her charms,
in hopes to make living in Japan an enriching and rewarding experience
for international residents as well,


One-stop solution
for Migration Into Japan

Language, work, and housing are some of the many challenges international residents face
when moving to Japan.

By improving the provision of information,
we lower the barriers to living in Japan and create a community of individuals with diverse values.
The formation of a community creates new opportunities,
while the revitalization of a community establishes greater trust within it.
A community-based content network, we share insights and tips on living in Japan,
a one-stop platform for migration support into the country.



Lifetsyle content network
for International Visitors to Japan

We share information and content to enrich the experience of “learning, working, and living” in Japan. By creating a cross-cultural platform, we aim to promote greater opportunities to welcome more international visitors and residents to Japan. Local enterprises and organizations in Japan can also tap onto our network to share about your products and services that might be specific to different regions in Japan.


Study in Japan

We offer all around support to help you choose from one of our carefully selected schools (language schools, universities, technical training colleges, etc.).

Whether you choose to study for a year or join a short-term cultural immersion for just a few weeks, we provide support on school applications, immigration procedures, and any other assitance you may require before and during your study in Japan. We aim to help you enjoy your student life in Japan to the fullest.


Consider a career in Japan

We refer trusted companies in Japan that specialize in helping international residents find a job they are interested in and well-suited for. From part-time jobs to full-time jobs, we offer comprehensive support for employment application and proceudres. This includes resume writing and interview preparation.


Live in Japan

From short-term to long-term stays, we make information to accomodation accessible and convinient to international residents.
we are more than just an agent to help process cumbersome application procedures such as lease contracts and notifications. We are also actively involed in building a society where international residents can easily intergate into, in spite of differences in cultural and language.


Where Japan enthusiasts convene and connect

The world's largest community platform for international residents living in Japan. In addition to using the database for marketing, we will develop a B2B platform to offer content sharing and media services as well as sales support for our community members. Also, we will set up lounges in major Japanese cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Fukuoka, etc.) where many international visitors gather, to consult and interact with each other and act as the center of an international multicultural community in Japan.


All that we do is for the creation of a diverse society
where people can be themselves no matter who they are.

Anybody who has lived abroad has undoubtedly faced a number of hurdles in creating a life for themselves.
How many international visitors would be able to settle in Japan,
if they had the support of an enterprise that made these hurdles the main concern and basis for their business?
How many people would be able to develop an even deeper love for Japan?

In our current age of information and automatization, we believe individuality is of the utmost importance.
We are adamant about creating a society in which each individual is able to live in their own way.

Spinning individuality, weaving thoughts
The spinning of individual threads of expressions and the weaving of these threads into a strong cloth – this is the motif for our logo. By bringing different kinds of individuals together, we hope to take their thoughts and ideas and weave them into new shared values. The "MOTTO" in our name refers to both the meanings of the Japanese 'motto'(i.e. [mot.to], meaning "more" in Japanese) and the English 'motto' (i.e. [mɒt.oʊ]).

When goals and dreams are unclear, one can make their life more rich and meaningful by delving further into their personal interests, come to love them even more ([mot.to]), and manifest their life's meaning ([mɒt.oʊ]) through their efforts. In our logo, this “MOTTO” is split into two parts (thoughts) represented by two “M”s - one above the other. With the cooperation of CO&CO we will work towards creating a society in which people can live as they are.
In cooperation with The World Lounge CO&CO, a community builder that brings together people from all over the world, Motto Japan aims to to make living in Japan more fun, enriching and rewarding. Operating multiple language schools, cafes and bars, select bookstores, as well as coworking spaces, CO&CO has won many awards as "the world's best Japanese language school". Since its establishment, CO&CO has had more than 3,000 members coming from 40 different countries (as of April 2018). Based on this solid track record, we aim to create a diversity society together with Motto Japan.
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