Article 1 Introduction to our Services

MOTTO JAPAN STUDY ("this service") and its domain are operated by MOTTO JAPAN Co., Ltd. and have set the following terms of service ("these terms"). Users of this service ("user"), through the use of this service, hereby agree to these terms.This service reserves the right to change these terms at any time and without prior notice to the user. Furthermore, any notices publicized on this service are to be considered a part of these terms.

Article 2 Purpose of This Service

This service acts as a representative of the user when completing procedures relevant to applying to the user's desired educational institution. This service may complete applications on the user's behalf but does not guarantee admission, residency status, program completion, issuance of academic credit, or resolution of any difficulties the user may face prior to, during, or after their time in Japan.

Article 3 Information Regarding Service Content

Employees of this service prepare products, services, study abroad plans, and quotations with the utmost care. However, this service, its employees, and its partners do not guarantee the accuracy, validity, legality, or usefulness of the information used in the creation of its content. This service, its associates, and its partners do they take any responsibility for any type of loss, damage, or injury suffered by the user through the use of this service and its content. This service reserves the right to change, relay, or cease offering any part or all of its services and content without prior notice to the user. This service does not guarantee successful offering of its services or contents to the user nor does it guarantee acess to them. In the event of any of the following, this service and its associates reserve the right to change or cease operations without issuing prior notice to the user. Furthermore, any type of loss, damage, or injury suffered by the user or third party as a result of changes, delays, or ceases in services or content are not the responsibility of this service nor can it be held accountable.

1. Inspections and maintenance of this service's computer systems, regular or emergency 2. Interruptions in this service's internet, data, network connections, etc. due to accidents 3. The inability of this service to operate due to natural disasters, power outages, incliments weather, and other factors beyond human control 4. Any other reasons by with this service or its associates deem it necessary to cease or relay operations

Article 4 Restrictions

Service will not be rendered in the event that the user attempts to use this service for acts that fall into any of the following categories or resemble any of these categories. This service and its associates also reserves the right to refuse or terminate service without the consent of the user should it be found that they have engaged in any of the following or acts resembling.

1. Crime related acts
2. Unlawful acts
3. Acts against public order and morals
4. Acts with the intent of bribery, persuasion, or extortion
5. Acts with the intent to advertise, propogandize, carry out business, etc.
6. Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns, or resembling acts. Also, any acts that are against public election law
7. Use of this service for religous purposes
8. Acts of defamation of this service as well as its associates, other users, and third parties
9. Acts to disadvantage a third party including this service operator or its users
10. Acts of slander towards a third party including this service operator or its user
11. Any acts of trade, gift or monetary interest (excluding those that this service acknowledges) with other users or third parties
12. Unauthorized reprint and redistribution of correspondence with or from this service or content of its services
13. Attempts to collect and accumulate personal information of other users or attempts to use user information
14. Acts of sending harmful computer programs such as electronic mail containing computer viruses or malware
15. Unauthorized conduct or attacks intended to damage the integrity of this service's infrastructure
16. Deliberate attempts to hinder the systems of this service through overload or other harmful acts
17. Impersonate a another person in attempts to use this service
18. Any other act that this service deems inappropriate

Article 5 Disclaimer

1. This service shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to delays or discontinuation of this service regardless of the reason.
2. This service shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information obtained through the use of this service, its conformity to a specific purpose, etc.
3. The service shall not bear any responsibility in the event of damage caused by information obtained through the use of its services.
4. In case of a dispute between users or a third party with respect to the information obtained through the use of this service, the person shall bear responsibility and solve this at their own expense. This service will not bear responsibility or damages for any disputes nor can it be held responsible in the following cases:
① In principle, this service will not be held responsible if the user is damaged due to the following reasons. Change, elay, or discontinuation of services caused by natural disasters, warfare, riots, or similar events
② Stop, delay, discontinuance, or changes in transportation or accommodation services causing delays or cancellations.
③ Change or cancellation of scheduled service by order of government officials, foreign immigration regulations, or isolation by epidemic diseases
④ Accident, illness, incidents occuring between departure and return to residence
⑤ Stop, delay, discontinuance, or changes in tranportation necessitating changes in shedule or shortening of stays at the intended location.
5. This service shall not be liable in the event of a user's inability to participate in the study abroad program due to reasons not attributable to this service as described below, this includes changes in the attendance date and time, etc.:
① If a school has reached full capacity and is unable to admit the user
② If a user's academic standing, performance, or assessment, etc. in Japan does not satisfy admission requirements for a school
③ If a user is unable to depart as a result of the failure to receive admission documents due to circumstances affecting communications, shipping, and the desired school of admission
④ When a user is denied entry into the country due to insufficient preparation of a passport, visa, or other necessary travel documents as determined by immigration officials, the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of justice, or other relevant entities
⑤ When a user is unable to prepare a passport, visa, or other necessary travel documents in time for their intended departure date and cannot travel
⑥ If a school is unable to operate due to natural disasters, warfare, strikes, accidental injuries in the land, sea and air, traffic accidents, or orders of the government and similar public entities
⑦ When a user declines to enter the country for personal reasons
⑧ When a visa application is declined
⑨ When a user is unable to arrive in time for the start of their program due missing a flight or ship
⑩ In cases where measures pertaining to the withdrawal, suspension, dismissal, etc. are taken by the institution of study pursuant to set provisions.
6. This service will not bear any responsibility for damage or loss for any other reasons not listed in the above disclaimer including the events as described by the following matters:
① Legal liability arising out of troubles arising between host families and accommodation agencies and users
② Local accidents and troubles (including airport pick-up, local support, school tour guide etc.)
③ If the place of study or accommodation do not meet the specifications or expectations of the user
④ When information regarding classes, residences, fees, etc. presented by this service is different than that offered by educational institutions and accommodation managers due to reasons beyond the control of this service (i.e. reasons set by schools, accommodation managers, etc.)
⑤ If the actual contents are different from the contents of classes, programs, expenses, services, residences, facilities etc. which schools and educational institutions publish on their homepage, pamphlets, etc.

Article 6 The formation of a contract

11. This agreement becomes active at the timethe user submits their application through this service's website and proceeds with the prescribed reception procedure.
2. Users under the age of 18 at the time of application must receive consent from a parent or legal guardian. In the absence of parental consent, the application will be refused. In addition, it is necessary to submit an application for each user.

Article 7 Rejection of application

This service may reject any application by notifying the user when they fail to complete any necessary procedures or submit any required documents by previously determined application deadlines.

Article 8 Eligibility

1. People with a satisfactory understanding of this service contract and are able to exercise good sense and behave in an orderly.
2. People of good mental and physical health with a positive attidute towards studying abroad, intercultural exchange, and can cooperate with others.
3. People who are enrolled in overseas travel insurance. (When purchasing foreign insurance through other companies, please inform this service in addition to supplying a copy of the insurance certificate. This service will refer users who have not purchased insurance to an appropriate insurance plan.)
4. People 14 years of age or older when traveling (people under 14 years old, should contact this service in advance if they wish to apply.)
5. People with a chronic illness, those who are currently suffering from health problems, those with disabilities, etc., those who need special consideration,should inform this services when they apply. This service will respond and the provide any resources within its power and within reason. These users may be asked to submit official medical documents prepared by a licensed medical professional. In addition, depending on local information, conditions of related organizations, etc., this service may adjust, change, or refuse service.

Article 9 Cancellation of contract

This service may terminate this Agreement after giving notice in the following cases:

1. When the user makes a false declaration
2. When judging that the user can not participate in the study abroad program due to illness or any other reason
3. When the user or a concerned party inconveniences another user or impedes the smooth operation of this service or when the possibility of these are high
4. The provision of this service may become impossible or impossible due to natural disasters, warfare or riots, accidents including with transportation or acts of dispute, official government orders or other reasons beyond this service's control or responsibility or when the possibility of these are high
5. When the user does not send documents necessary for the rendering services by the stipulated date
6. When the user becomes cannot be contacted or who's location is unknown for a long period of time
7. When the user does not pay the study abroad program fee by the stipulated date

Article 10 Refund Policy

1. Users who have completed their application to this service that choose to cancel their program after its initiation will be issued a refund in accordance with the provisions set and accepted by the user, this service, their host institution, as well as any other third parties with whom the user has contracted with through this service at the time of application. Fees for the domestic transfer, overseas remission, etc. shall be borne by the user and deducted from the refund amount.
2. If the refunded amount is denominated in a foreign currency, the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's telegraphic tranfer buying rate (TTB) will be applied on the day of the refund and the same amount in Japanese yen will be remitted to the designated overseas or Japan domestic bank account.

Article 11 About Withdrawal

Withdrawal shall be made from the location specified by this service and acceptance of withdrawal will be accepted when data is transmitted to this service. Also, when a user withdraws from this service, the right of information on the user in this service shall be forfeited.

Article 12 Copyright and Rights of Contribution

1. In this service, rights, such as copyright, of texts, URLs, images, movies etc (hereinafter collectively referred to as "posted information") posted by users (including the rights of Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act). ) Shall belong to the user.
2. With respect to the information offered by this service, users grant this service unlimited rights to copy, use, edit, reorganize, publish, reprint, publicly transmit, screen, display, offer, sell, transfer, lend, translate, adapt, etc. at no charge as well as rights to secondary works as the current copyright holder (as described in article 21 or 28 of the copyright act, including commercial use.)
3. With respect to the rights granted by the user of this service, the use is also granted the rights of present authorship to as descriped in article 12 line 1 of this agreement within the scope of this service.
4. For the purpose of quality improvement, promotion, facilitating use of this service for other users by this service and other users, the user grants permission to other uses to edit contributed contents, distribute metadata, post within this service's site or on other venues afficliated with this service, etc.
5. This service shall be free to review posted content on its services, as well as edit, delete, posts, and judge whether content is suitable to be posted..

Article 13 Treatment of personal information

This service shall deal with personal information in accordance with the separately defined "privacy policy"

Article 14 Precautions concerning download etc.

With regards to the installation of software or the like on a user's computer or other devices via downloads from this service's site or other assets during the time at which a user employs our services, this service takes sufficient measures to prevent the disappearance, alteration, failure, damage, etc. of user data and devices. However, this service shall not be held responsible in the event that the user suffers any sunch damage or loss.

Article 15 Guidelines for Posting

Although this service may cooperate with external social networking service ("SNS") service, users shall bear full responsibility and comply with the external SNS usage agreement at their own expense. Upon the use of an external SNS in relation to this service, the user agrees to not perform any of the acts listed in this article. If a user engages in any of the following, this service reserves the right to edit and delete posts, restrict and withdraw user permissions without prior consent.

1. Makes posts, judged by this service, that are discomforting to third parties including this service or other users
2. Makes posts including solicitations and expressions of religion, politics, ethnicity, network business etc.
3. Makes submissions due to unauthorized solicitation or mandate from a third party
4. Posts spam such as writing multiples of the same contents
5. Makes posts that hinder the display due to heavy use of special symbols, model dependent characters etc.
6. Makes posts including personal information (regardless of self or other) that can identify specific individuals such as e-mail address, telephone number
7. Makes posts containing the URL of a web page that makes users uncomfortable
8. Makes posts for the purpose of guiding users to other services
9. Makes posts contrary to public order and morals
10. Makes posts for commercial and advertising purposes (corporate, personal or otherwise)
11. Makes posts that infringe upon intellectual property rights and industrial property rights (patents, trademark rights, etc.) of others including copyrights andcompany confidentiality
12. Makes posts including criminal acts and acts to encourage them (subject to laws and regulations in other countries other than Japan)
13. Posts information that violates the laws of Japan such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Premiums Listing Act, Health Promotion Law etc.
14. Makes other posts that this service deems inappropriate

Article 16 Rights transfer

Regardless of the reason, this service may, in the case of transferring the business relating to the provision of service to a third party, transfer its contractual status, rights, and obligations as described in this agreement to a third party, and the user shall accept this in advance.

Article 17 Separability

If any portion of the provisions in this agreement are deemed invalid based on laws and regulations, other provisions of this agreement will be valid.

If any portion of the provisions in this agreement are invalidated or canceled in relation to a user, this agreement will be valid in connection with other users.

Article 18 Violation of these Terms

If a users notices an act that violates these terms, they shall inform this service. In cases where the user is found to have violated these terms and conditions, and if other service providers deem it necessary, this service may take the following measures for such a user.

1. Stop the acts, etc. and prohibit their repetition
2. Forcibly withdraw the user
3. Deny future rendering of services to the user

The user shall not be able to file an appeal or objection in regard to the actions etc. that violate the terms of service set by this service

Article 19 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.
Also, if a lawsuit arises between this service and a user, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance

Article 20 Confidentiality preservation

1. In this agreement, "confidential information" is used in connection with a subscription agreement or this service and is described as information provided or disclosed by a user through the use of this service, in written, verbal, recorded, or other mediums as well as all information regarding this service's technology, sales, operations, finances, organization, or other matters.
However the following shall not be considered confidential information: (1) information that is already publicly known or common knowledge before of after the disclosure of information by this service regardless of whether it was disclosed by this service, (2) information provided by this service (3) information obtained in a lawful manner without being obliged to keep confidentiality from an authorized third party (4) information developed independently without confidential information, (5) information not considered to be secret as confrimed in writing
2. The user shall use confidential information only for the purpose of using this service and shall not disclose, make public, or leak confidential information of this service to a third party without the written consent of this service
3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2, users may disclose confidential information when requiired by law, court or government agency order, request. However, in the event of such an order, or request, this service must be informed by the user.
4. When copying a document or secret information containing confidential information or the like, the user shall obtain the written consent of this service in advance, and strictly follow the second paragraph on the management of copies .
5. Whenever requested by this service, the user shall, without delay, in accordance with the instructions of this service,return or discard transmitted, written or other recording medium material containing confidential information all copies thereof.


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