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Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo



2-7 Nishi 26 Minami 6 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-0806 JAPAN
Closest Station
Maruyama Koen (7 min)
Mitsuko Miyamoto


Number of Teachers
Student Capacity
Number of Students
Student Nationalities
East Asia (47%), Southeast Asia (6%), North America (10%), South America (3%), Oceania (3%), Europe (20%), Other (11%)



We support everyone in fulfilling their dreams.

Sapporo is a big city with a population of 1.9 million people. There are many places where you can enjoy this beautiful place, rich with nature with its four distinct seasons. Especially in the Maruyama region, where the school is located, it is a quiet place for education and the center of Sapporo. In spring, cherry blossom petals dancing in the gentle breeze, in winter the snow-white path shining bright - many of our students had gained so much power from this wonderful environment of Sapporo traveling to school every day. Our institute is set up with the Japanese Language Department and the Japanese Teacher Training Department.

In the Japanese Language Department, foreign students who dream of broadening their future opportunities with Japanese gather here. In the Teaching Japanese as second language department, Japanese students who dream of teaching overseas are working hard to realize their dream. They all work hard together and giving each other motivation, lead to good improvement in their studies.

Our dream is that our students learn of various worlds through this valuable experience in Sapporo, to fulfill each of their hopes and dreams after graduation. From there, we wish for our students to share their ideas and thoughts of their experience of having their dreams come true in Sapporo with the world. I believe that even the smallest desires can create strong bonds, thus contributing to world peace. As an institution which facilitates friendship between different countries, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo will do all its might to support our students' challenge to explore the world.

As an institution which fosters friendship between different countries, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo does all it can to support our students' and challenge them to explore the world.

Why not join us and work together towards making your dreams a reality?

Mitsuko Miyamoto

Why this school?

  1. POINT1

    【History and Achievements】
    "Dreams begin in Sapporo." Established in 1986, our history and achievements have helped us earn the trust of students from all over the world. When compared to other schools in Sapporo, The Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo (JLI) is number one in student enrollment. Our history and achievements have paved the way for a trusted Japanese learning environment. It is also continuing its development in providing education based on students' needs.

  2. POINT2

    【Multinational Classes】
    At JLI, your classmates come from around 30 countries & regions so Japanese will be the common language among students.

  3. POINT3

    【The Best City for Studying Abroad】
    "I want to enjoy the diverse nature throughout the 4 seasons!" "I want to be able to focus on my studies" "I want to have a comfortable living environment" All these wishes will come true in Sapporo. For those who love to be surrounded by nature, those who want to be able to focus on their studies, and have a comfortable living environment, Sapporo is waiting for you.

Students / Teachers Voice

Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Aiam (Thailand)

I started attending JLI in October. At first, I was very nervous and shy and didn't have too many friends but as time went on I became able to speak more and get closer to the people around me. I have made many friends since then so school is now very fun and I always look forward to coming here. I love Sapporo and JLI. The teachers here are also very kind. The weather here is very nice and we are surrounded by beautiful nature. There are also many events and traditional festivals every month so there is never a boring day. I have really come to admire the city of Sapporo and hope to live here for a very long time.

Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Jesper (Sweden)

Sapporo is a city surrounded by greenery so you don’t have to travel far to see the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido. As for the school, the teachers are great and is always doing their best to help you understand. The school also arrange a lot of different excursions which make studying here a lot more enjoyable.

Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Mohammad (Saudi Arabia)

Being here in JLI is one of the greatest choices I did. Living here in Sapporo having the chance of being around nature and kindest people here besides the culture and the events here is such an adorable time I really spent. I am glad having the opportunity of being with people from all over the world in JLI was an enjoyable experience. I am gladfully I chose Sapporo. Thank you JLI.

Course Description
This course offers two tracks:
Japanese Language for Higher Education
For students intending to progress into a Japanese vocational school, university, or graduate school upon completion of their program.
● Admission Period:January, April, July, October
● Course Length:1 or 2 years (April), 1 year 3 months (January), 1 year 6 months (October), 1 year 9 months (July)
● Class Length:45 minutes
● Class Time:➀ 09:00 - 12:25 / ② 13:00 - 16:25
General Japanese
For students who wish to study the Japanese language for general daily and professional use.
● Admission Period:January, April, July, October
● Course Length:Please Inquire
● Class Length:45 minutes
● Class Time:➀ 09:00 - 12:25 / ② 13:00 - 16:25

Course Price

Total 750,200 JPY 424,600 JPY
  1 year 6 months
Application 22,000 JPY
Admission 77,000 JPY
Tuition 605,000 JPY 302,500 JPY
Materials 26,400 JPY 13,200 JPY
Other 19,800 JPY 9,900 JPY

Accommodation Price

  1 Month
Apartment 25,000 – 35,000 JPY
Dormitory* 43,000 – 68,000 JPY

*: Meal options available

Course Description
This course is designed for students visiting Japan on a short-term stay visa. There are varying class levels enabling students to be placed in the class that best matches their proficiency levels and personal needs.
● Admission Period:Anytime
● Course Length: 1 - 12 weeks
● Class Length:45 minutes
● Class Time:➀ 09:00 - 12:25 / ② 13:00 - 16:25

Course Price

Total 33,700 JPY 83,300 JPY 140,800 JPY 205,600 JPY
  1 week 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
Admission 11,000 JPY
Tuition 22,700 JPY 72,300 JPY 129,800 JPY 194,600 JPY

Accommodation Price

  1 month
Dormitory 43,000 – 68,000 JPY
Course Description
Starting at 4 weeks long, the visa holder course is designed for those who hold non-student residency status in Japan including spouse, working holiday, or working-type visas who wish to improve their language skills. Students will be able to participate in the course for as long as they like and will be placed in classes according to their proficiency level.
● Admission Period:Anytime
● Course Length: 4 weeks or more
● Class Length:45 minutes
● Class Time:➀ 09:00 - 12:25 / ② 13:00 - 16:25

Course Price

Total 65,100 JPY
  4 weeks
Admission 11,000 JPY
Tuition 54,100 JPY
Course Description
This is an intensive course designed to provide students with opportunities to not only study the Japanese language but also enjoy their time in Japan to the fullest through extracurricular cultural activities.
● Admission Period:July 23 - August 9, 2019
● Course Length:3 weeks
● Class Length:45 minutes
● Class Time:➀ 09:00 - 12:25 / ② 13:00 - 16:25

Course Price

Total 165,000 JPY
  Summer Course 2019
Tuition 165,000 JPY

*: The cost of activities are not included in the course and are to be paid separately.


  • Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

    Free internet access for all students studying at the school.

  • Lounge Lounge

    Student lounge for studying, relaxing, or passing the time.

  • Library Library

    A variety of reading materials available for study or leisure.

  • Activities Activities

    Experience Japanese culture with cultural experiences and activities.

  • School Transfer Support School Transfer Support

    Transfer into a degree program at a Japanese school.

  • Career Support Career Support

    Find the perfect job after graduation.

  • Accommodations Accommodations

    Assistance to find the room that is right for you.

  • Airport Pickup Airport Pickup

    Arrive directly at your accommodation after a long flight.


In a quiet neighborhood tucked between nature-filled Maruyama Parkーhome of Hokkaido Shrine, Maruyama Zoo, and the Maruyama Natural Forestーand Sapporo City's urban center, JLI puts students in a position where they can enjoy the best of Sapporo, Hokkaido, and Japan at large. The school location and environment are conducive to study and academic success as well as having fun and immersing oneself in Japanese culture. The curriculum here also allows for students to take full advantage of these opportunities by also offering a variety of events for students to participate in. Study and play at JLI.


Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost island and a popular destination for snowsports lovers. Hosting the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, winter in Hokkaido brings you grand ice sculptures, and some of the best snow and ski runs in the world. Although summers are short, the island is also famous for its beautiful lavender fields, sunflowers, and cherry blossoms, blooming between the months of May and August. Unofficially known as the “kingdom of sweets”, delectable dairy and confectionery products abound in Hokkaido, making it a prime destination for snow and food lovers alike.


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