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How did I get a job? Part 3 of 5

By the time I had finished preparing and searching for the perfect job in Japan, I was 100% confident that I would soon attain employment. I had faith in myself, not because it was going to be easy, but because I knew I was going to work hard and be enthusiastic throughout the entire process.

I remember that the majority of my friends took the traditional route of applying for a job in the Land of the Rising Sun. They sought opportunities and sent resumés, cover letters, and curriculum vitae in person.

I, on the other hand, tried the more modern approach. I took advantage of the conveniences provided by technology, as I searched and applied for jobs on the internet. It was a smooth but thorough procedure for me.

As mentioned in the previous article, I applied for a huge company here in Japan. But what exactly happened during my application process? For part 3 of my “How Did I Get a Job” series, I’ll be narrating how I applied for my job here in Japan.

Double Checking

Before I started sending my documents around, I made sure that I had compiled all the necessary requirements and the things that I had to be mindful of for my job application online.

First, I prepared the documents that certified that I was knowledgable in the Japanese language. I had enrolled myself in a Japanese language institution in my home country and had also recently passed the Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT) Test N2.

In my opinion, my attainment of the JLPT N2 level heavily improved my chances of being hired. Some Japanese companies are more likely to hire applicants who are fluent in the local tongue.

I also studied every nook and cranny regarding hourensou or the Japanese business culture. While researching it, I found out how companies value loyalty, commitment, dedication, and hard work. I also learned about the intricate hierarchy system that firms abide by, and I also studied favorable body language and etiquette in the country.

I also made sure that my resumé, cover letter, and curriculum vitae were in order. I edited some information that was inaccurate, I revitalized the overall design of my documents to make it more eye-catching, and I reviewed the qualifications that I had put on my resume to ensure that I did not leave anything out.

Job Searching Online

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is how it makes everything accessible to everyone. Because of the internet, career opportunities are now just a click away. And helpful websites like GaijinPot have provided much-needed convenience for foreigners like me.

I consider GaijinPot to be the best platform for foreign workers to find employment, as it was the main website that I used during my job searching days. I used to spend hours on their website, just waiting to find the perfect opening. Luckily, I managed to find an opportunity that was up to my standards.

Additionally, GaijinPot also presents an online gateway for aspiring students and travelers that want to experience Japan. They also cater to individuals who want to reside in Japan, offering a section that is dedicated to everything about the Japanese experience for foreigners. But aside from GaijinPot, there are several other websites that I utilized which offer the same services:

Meeting Requirements

Initially, GaijinPot required me to send my resumé and cover letter to my desired company, as these were compulsory for all job applications including my preferred position.

However, I did have to meet a few qualifications that the company needed. Some of the most common prerequisites were:

  • Business-level or native-level proficiency in the English language
  • Attain at least an N2 in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • A university degree related to the field
  • 2 years of experience related to the field or a Masters Degree
  • Skillful in Microsoft programs such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint
  • Competent in verbal and written communication
  • Expert in analyzation

I cannot provide the full details due to confidentiality reasons but those were some of the specifications that the company looked for its from applicants. Happily, I was able to satisfy their various demands without too much of a hiccup. But I did need to work on my Excel abilities a little bit.


Searching for a job online was quite a thrilling experience for me. I discovered some great opportunities along the way and honestly, they were pretty alluring. But I knew in my heart that, with a little bit of patience, I would eventually find not just a great job— but the perfect one for me.

This is only part 3 out of 5 of the “How Did I Get a Job” series. I hope I’ll be seeing you for part 4. Until next time. Too-da-loo!

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