Privacy Policy

The use of information gathered by MOTTO JAPAN Co., Ltd. (“our company”) and its services are governed by this Privacy Policy which is based on Personal Information Protection Law. The acquisition, use, sharing with third parties, management, inquiry, disclosure, change, suspension, deletion and overall handling of personal information will be treated as follows:

1. Collection of Personal Information

Our company acquires personal information through legal and fair means uses this information for the following purposes when relevant to and necessary for business purposes. When using personal information in collaboration with a third party or when entrusting private information to a third party, a strict survey and screening of the third party will be conducted of the party in question. Additionally, the third party will be appropriately supervised to ensure the proper keeping of secrets.

2. Use of Personal Information

(1) Our company obtains name, age, birthdate, address, email address, telephone number, facsimile number, occupation, employer, personal identification documents and other information may be requested when a user inquires about or applies to study, work, or live in Japan through one of our services (“service”).

When our company renders study, work, and accommodation referral services, this information is used to contact the user as well as for purposes relevant to the service to which the user has applied. This may include the use of information to complete processes necessary for arranging shipping, accommodation, transportation, and other services relevant to delivering the requested service.

With regard to our company’s contractual obligations, personal information including the user’s name and personal identification documents may be released to third parties including transportation, accommodation, and insurance companies in physical or digital format for the purpose of completing processes to receive insurance to cover losses and other expenses in the event of an accident.

Also, with a user’s application, information including their more recent academic performance (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) abroad, health certificates (including highly sensitive information), financial documents, family registries (or excerpts thereof), and other information may be requested for use in complete procedures, applications to, and screenings by schools, research centers, potential employers, and organizations or individuals who own or manage an accommodation. This personal data shall only be shared with the prior consent of the user.

(2) Our company may ask the user for domestic and overseas emergency contact information to be used in the event of the user’s injury or illness during their stay in Japan or during their travels. In the event of the user’s injury or illness, our company will use this information when we deem it necessary.

The user shall provide our company with their emergency contact information upon the receiving the prior consent of their contact. The submission of emergency contact information at the discretion of the user. With exception to the minimum requirements of the service to be received by the user, the user may choose not to submit particular personal information.

Additionally, our company may use personal information for purposes of market analysis, the creation of statistic documents, post-departure questionnaires, as well as when offering documents, invitations, and information about conferences, seminars, and events hosted and planned by our company, our partners, and group companies. Our company may use this information to request feedback, opinions, and other thoughts from current and former users. There are some instances in which a service cannot be rendered without the submission of personal information.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

Our company will not disclose personal information to third parties (including third parties in foreign countries) without the prior consent of the user or where required by law. In the event that our company deems it necessary to disclose a user’s personal information for the purpose of rendering services, the name, age, birthdate, address, email address, telephone number, facsimile number, occupation, employer, personal identification documents, family registry (or excerpts thereof), and other information provided by the user may be used and disclosed to third parties (wholesalers, proxy visa application companies, local service vendors, insurance companies, translation companies and their subcontractors) who have signed confidentiality agreements with our company.

Depending on a user’s nationality, English translations of family registries (or excerpts thereof) may be required. On those occasions, a translation may be made by a professional within our company or a third party translation company.

A user’s personal information will not be disclosed except in the following cases. Disclosure of information under exceptions such as item (2) and item (3) will be the responsibility of the personal information protection manager.

  • (1) When the user agrees to the disclosure of their own personal information.
  • (2) Disclosure is required by law and regulations.
  • (3) When disclosure is necessary to protect the interests, life, health, property, finances, etc. of the user.
  • (4) When disclosing information in a manner that makes it impossible to identify the particular user.

4. Management of Personal Information

Our company will maintain the accuracy and safekeeping of personal information. To prevent the loss, destruction, tampering, damage, leakage, etc of personal information we take appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, exposure to viruses, etc. Also, our company prevents the leakage of personal information through transmission or other means to the outside.

Our company does not alter private information received by the user nor do we trust the disposal or processing of information to third parties without the user’s prior consent.

5. Personal Information Inquiries, Disclosure, Changes, Suspension, and Deletion

Our company recognizes the right of the user to inquire about, disclose, change, stop using, or delete their own personal information. If a user makes any of the above demands in regard to their own personal information, our company will respond promptly, accordingly, and without question. In the event that such requests are made, we will verify the identity of the person requesting such actions. Users may become unable to access portions of all of our services if their personal information is inquired about, disclosed, changed, suspended, or deleted.

6. Organization and Structure

To ensure the proper management of personal information, we employ a personal information protection manager. We also provide training on personal information and appropriate management methods to our officers and employees to ensure the proper handling of personal information in their daily work.

In addition, along with complying with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, our company will review internal regulations, organization, and structure on a continual basis to maintain, manage and improve ourselves appropriately.

In order to maintain confidentiality and manage personal information according to the above policy, please refer all inquiries and request pertaining to personal information to our company via our “Contact” form.