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Study in Japan: The Best Places for Potential Students

You’ve finally decided to study in Japan! Now you might ask, “But where exactly?”

The country is divided into 47 prefectures, which are each subdivided into cities and towns. With diverse cultures and subcultures that vary from one area to another, you might find the many possibilities overwhelming. But choosing a place will be easier once you identify what kind of environment best suits your personal learning style.

Some students may find a quiet countryside the most ideal learning environment. Some might want to indulge in Japanese culture on their days off from school. Others might even prefer to study in a large city, where they have better chances to communicate in English. Finding the best place will depend on what’s best for you.

Knowing what kind of experience you want when studying in Japan definitely narrows down your options. So take time to reflect on the perfect foreign student experience you’re after!

Study in Japan: The Best Places for Potential Students

You have many choices when you bring up the possibility of studying in Japan. You could dive right into the lifestyle, but you might want to ensure your comfort while you live overseas. Once you consider your personal needs as a foreign student, as well as your Japanese language proficiency level, you can easily choose your ideal location.

Does the idea of keeping yourself occupied with cultural activities in-between classes excite you? Or do you think you might better enjoy an environment where you can communicate much easier? Laying out the benefits of each area will help assess your ideal learning environment.

Tokyo – The Metropolis

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and has the largest population in the world. Tokyo attracts people from all over the world, has more foreigners than any other city in Japan, and has a large population of English speakers.

Any student with beginner-level Japanese language skills will definitely be more comfortable studying here. Given the high concentration of people whom you can instantly communicate with, creating connections would be easy. You might even meet intermediate and advanced Japanese speakers who can help you explore and navigate the area!

Tokyo also has a very well-developed transportation system. It is considered the best in the world. With an efficient public transport system at hand, you can quickly get around the area whenever! Students who want to study Japanese actively and enjoy an urban lifestyle can list Tokyo as their ideal place to study in Japan.

Kyoto – The Center of Japanese Tradition

Kyoto is the cultural and political center of Japan. If you’re interested in Japanese history and culture, you may want to study in an environment with a city that preserves traditional elements.

Kyoto offers many opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Kyoto features over 2,000 temples and shrines, as well as numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place keeps its history alive, and gladly invites anyone who may want to get in touch with its traditions.

There are many advanced educational institutions in Kyoto, with at least 40 institutes of higher education. This would benefit students who might consider proceeding to Japanese university after graduating from their language school.

If you prefer a traditional and historical atmosphere to the metropolitan lifestyle Tokyo offers, Kyoto is your best bet.

Fukuoka – Gateway to Mainland Asia

If you have prior experience with the Japanese language that you intend to apply daily, Fukuoka has opportunities for you. Fukuoka is the largest city on the island of Kyushu, yet the foreign population is relatively smaller compared to others. However, this city has a balance between urban and rural lifestyles that makes for comfortable student life.

The center of Fukuoka has an established public transportation network, making it easy to understand where to go from one area to another. You can also easily connect to various countries through the international flights that Fukuoka Airport offers.

This place is also known for many hot springs, with nearby mountains and seascapes. You can even travel to Korea in a little over 2 hours by high-speed boat from Hakata, on the western side of the area. Fukuoka is close to other Asian countries, making it popular among foreigners from there as well.

Sapporo City – Capital of the North

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, which is the center for Japanese agriculture, and has the 4th largest population in Japan. If you love good food, outdoor activities, and winter sports, you might want to consider studying here.

While you study in the city, you could indulge in the freshest vegetables and seafood. On your downtime, you could leave the city to visit a well-preserved forest to enjoy your holidays outdoors.

Like other northern countries, summer in Sapporo is warm with hardly any rain. You can also enjoy winter sports in the many ski resorts in the suburbs. Sapporo is definitely for those who want to maintain an active outdoor life while studying.


These are only some of the best places to study in Japan. It is vital to consider each location’s physical and cultural features and how they fit in your ideal foreign student experience. Once you weigh the advantages of each environment, you will find the perfect place for you in Japan.

It also helps to take your Japanese proficiency into account. Some areas may require more advanced language skills than others. If you want to navigate an area conveniently, it would be smart to choose a place where you can easily communicate.

If you remain undecided on the place that suits your student life best, fill out our contact form and drop us an inquiry! MOTTO JAPAN is ready to help any student who is interested in studying in Japan.

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