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Migration to Japan, how much is enough?

Have you ever thought about resettling in the Land of the Rising Sun? You’re not alone. Millions of people always wonder about the experience of migrating to Japan, but what often gets overlooked is the financial aspect.

In life, monetary situations are the most challenging to supervise. It’s no different when it comes to moving to another city or country. Being financially ready to take on this huge decision is essential.

You need to carefully assess if you are financially ready to move to Japan. Questions such as: “How much is enough to complete your relocation?” and “What are the particular factors and payments that need careful consideration in planning your change of address?” can help you settle down in the country without hassle.

In the next few pages, we’ll try to answer these questions and help you out with handling your budget as you prepare to take this pivotal moment in your life.

Required legal paperwork budget

The Japanese government requires immigrants to finalize 4 important documents:

Proper photo

This should be inexpensive. Surely, you have formal ID pictures with white backgrounds for work lying around. Make sure these are recent photos taken within the last six months.

Valid Passport

This is a requirement in your home country before you could travel abroad. The price depends on which country you belong to.

Long Term Visa

A 90-day or single-entry visa does not allow individuals to work in Japan. Instead, you will be required to have a long-term visa or a working visa to find a job in the country. These usually cost around 6000 JPY.

Certificate of Eligibility

Before applying for a long-term visa, complete the requirements for the Certificate of Eligibility first. This is free of charge but is a tedious task.

Cost of requirements: Prepare upwards of 6000 JPY for the legal paperwork. The cost of the passport depends on the country, and the photo’s fee will probably be minuscule.

Accommodation budget

Living somewhere new automatically presents the quest for finding the right home and buying the perfect household items. Housing will most likely eat up all of your budget. This is the stage to shell out the most amount of money, so choose diligently.

There are a bunch of daily necessities that are essential for your everyday life in the Land of the Rising Sun. Body soaps such as the liquid variety cost 500 JPY – 1,000 JPY while a bar of soap costs between 900 JPY – 1,500 JPY. Shampoos usually start at 800 JPY and the more expensive ones could cost you up to 3,000 JPY. A roll of tissue paper usually costs 400 JPY.

An inexpensive deodorant is worth around 600 JPY. Affordable perfume/cologne could cost you 2,000 JPY and up per bottle. And there are hand sanitizers that are priced between 500 JPY – 600 JPY.

House upkeep tools are essential for anyone who likes to tidy things up around the house. Cleaning items like dishwashing sponges start at around 200 JPY, dishwashing liquid soap packages are worth around 900 JPY, brooms are priced over 1,500 JPY, and a mini vacuum cleaner could cost you upwards of 4,000 JPY.

Tableware, furniture, and appliances that provide household comfort are expected to be expensive in any country. In Japan, a single plain plate costs over 900 JPY, a set of utensils start at 2,000 JPY, a 2-person dining table’s average starting price is 8,000 JPY, a small bed costs 10,000 JPY and above, a mini-refrigerator starts over 12,000 JPY, and an indoor air conditioning unit costs over 35,000 JPY. So, consider yourself lucky if you are able to find a place that is already furnished but still affordable.

There is a vast selection of places to live in Japan, from apartments and condominiums to traditional houses. It’s up to you which one you want to occupy.

If a whole house is what you prefer, then you are in luck as non-Japanese individuals are allowed to acquire lots and houses in Japan. Average asking prices start at 35,000,000 JPY. If you’re wondering, yes, Japanese homes usually do cost a fortune.

If that’s out of your price range, then you can try a shared room in a shared house for 35,000 JPY per month, or if you want something more private, a single room in a shared house could also be an option at 60,000 JPY monthly while an apartment goes for around 80,000 JPY per month.

Cost of accommodation: Necessities could cost you an average of 5,700 JPY. You may have to spend close to 7,000 JPY for upkeep items. Tableware, furniture, and appliances expenses may amount to over 65,000 JPY. And a humble abode could cost you from 35,000 JPY per month (shared room in a shared house) to possibly 35,000,000 JPY (entire house).

Meals budget

Food is usually the hardest to budget because you can’t control your body if it needs nourishment, or you might lose track of your food allowance with just one spontaneous food blow-out. Not to mention, delicious food is always around the corner in Japan.

For you to save money, some Japanese people say that it is more practical to eat out than to cook at home. According to them, it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after.

Typical restaurants have meals that go for 500 JPY up to 1,000 JPY. They are usually prevalent at train stations and business areas. Some eateries also offer food that ranges from 1,000 JPY to 3,000 JPY.

But, if you do love to cook, finding the perfect affordable supermarket would be terrific (if you can). Some farmers sell greens like vegetables and fruits for under 100 JPY.

Cost of meals: On average, you could spend 1,000 JPY per meal. 1,000 JPY could get you noodles, donburi, curry, and other kinds of food.

Other Expenses

If you decide to live in a shared house, electricity, water, and gas bills could set you back at an estimate of 5,000 JPY per month. In an apartment, that could go up to 10, 000 JPY.

An internet network provider will most likely charge you 3,000 to 6,000 JPY a month. That is cheap if you consider how fast the internet connection is in Japan.

In Japan, a public transportation pass is worth 10,000 JPY per month. But if you know how to drive, a Toyota Corolla (the most sold car in the history of the automobile), could be yours for just above 2,000,000 JPY.

Cost of other expenses: A budget of 16, 000 JPY per month for your bills would be reasonable, and 10, 000 JPY monthly for your transportation could do. Or you could opt to buy a brand new Corolla if you already have deep pockets for it.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and continue your life in Japan? Do you think you are financially capable of making this huge move? Let us know below, and good luck with everything! Too-da-loo!

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