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Life After Graduating From a Japanese Language School: A Guide

おめでとうございます! You’ve finally graduated from your Japanese language school! You must be thrilled with your new knowledge and enhanced Japanese language skills. Well, you’ve worked hard for them, and your graduation calls for a celebration. Now, you must be wondering what’s next. With your current level in Japanese language proficiency, what does Japan have to offer you? Whether you’re still deciding to study in Japan or you’re already done, read on for a guide to your next step!

Study in Japan: Life After Graduating From a Japanese Language School

Millions of people study Japanese in countless Japanese language schools worldwide. Thanks to Japanese pop culture, which highlights anime and manga, more and more youth are determined to learn the Japanese language. You may have your own interests and reasons for enrolling in a Japanese language school in Japan, and you’ll surely find more motivation as you coast through the lessons and experience. You’ll finish your course in no time!

You were just looking for a Japanese language school to enroll in, and now you’ve graduated. There’s so much more you can do! Some foreign students in Japan opt to go back home and find opportunities with their Japanese language skills in their home countries. That could be your way as well. You have various options, including working as a translator or a teacher. Japan is globalizing, so there’s a demand for proficiency in the Japanese language. You’ve already got an edge! But if you’re looking to live in Japan even after graduating, you have two best options: get a degree or a job.

Get a Higher Education

After Japanese language school, 80% of students proceed to graduate school, university, or vocational school. Thinking about doing the same? Good news! Japanese universities have been welcoming more international students to study in the country. With Japanese language school as your first step in living the Japanese life, you can lead yourself to higher educational institutions and programs next!

Take note: graduating from a Japanese language school can give you plenty of scholarships for your higher education. Imagine getting a degree in a Japanese university or acquiring a professional license from a Japanese vocational school. Opportunities will keep on coming! You have to think about changing your visa and taking the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). The EJU evaluates foreign students’ Japanese language skills and basic academic abilities in studying in Japanese colleges or universities. Your Japanese language school can help you prepare for this as well!

Why would you, an international student, want to continue studying in a Japanese institution? Well, the opportunities that come for you right after you graduate from a Japanese language school are countless. And if you pursue your studies in Japan, what’s surely next for you is employment. Lots of schools in the country have already established connections with Japanese companies, so getting that degree is a great idea!

Get Employed

Out of all the foreign students who come to Japan through Japanese language schools, 10% find a job after graduating. If you’re ready for the Japanese world of business, then grab your chance! Most of the companies in Japan eye bilinguals who have passed the JLPT N2. Of course, your language skills matter in a Japanese-speaking workplace. Aside from that, your expertise in your chosen industry also determines your chance of getting employed in Japan!

There’s an undeniable demand for bilingual workers in Japan. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)’s 2015 Survey on Career and Retention for International Students, Japanese businesses hire foreigners mostly because they aim to “stimulate the workplace by increasing diversity within the company.” It amplifies the importance of having Japanese language proficiency when looking to work in Japan! When you apply to Japanese companies, you might see just how important it is to communicate with your colleagues. It’s just as important as your degree and experience.

How’s your business Japanese? It’s time to master it! Japanese language schools also offer courses that introduce the Japanese business culture to foreign students. Learn the business language and etiquette, brush up on your skills, and make your CV shine! You could search by industry when you start job-hunting. Soon, you might find yourself working in Japan for translations, tourism, education, and more! All thanks to your Japanese language school.


Have you realized just how much career growth you can go through only by graduating from a Japanese language school? Your experiences go beyond the four corners of your classroom! After graduation, you are ready to see more of Japan. Your time in your Japanese language school may be finally over, but it’s actually a new beginning. Continue sharpening your Japanese language skills, and you’re good to go! Take the JLPT, land a job in Japanese companies anywhere in the world, get employed in your dream company in Japan, or pursue your studies in a Japanese university. It’s your call. 頑張って!

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